Menu Downlaod

Kyu Don ( Beef Bowl)                                  

Ribeye Beef Egg, Hon Suyu Sauce and Vegetables Served over Rice                                                         

Oyako Don ( Chicken  Bowl)                       

Chicken Egg, Hon Suyu Sauce and Vegetables Served over Rice                                                      

* Sachimi RIce                                        

Sashimi and Vegetables Served over Rice with Spicy Pepper Sauce                            

Don Katsu                                                 

Deep Fried Pork with Homemade Katsu Sauce and Rice                                                      

Chicken Katsu                                           

Deep Fried Chicken with Homemade Katsu Sauce and Rice                                                       

Chicken Katsu and Fried Rice                    

Deep Fried Chicken Katsu with Sauce and Vegetable Fried Rice(s)                                                    

Chicekn Katsu Curry                                

Deep Fried Chicken Katsu, Vegetable Curry and Rice


Chicken Teriyaki                                        

Broiled Chicken Breast with Teriyaki Sauce and Rice


Chicken Teriyaki and Fried Rice                 

Broiled Chicken Breast with Teriyaki Sauce and Vegetable Fried Rice(s)


* Sushi Combo                                       

Chef Choice Sushi 5pcs, California Roll and Moso Soup                    


*Maki Combo                                        

California Roll, Spicy Tuna, Salmon Roll, and Miso Soup


* Osaka Bento                                        

Today's Sashimi, Tempura, Grilled Salmon, Korokke, Egg Roll, Mackerel, Egg, California Roo, Rice andd Miso Soup                                

                     U DON

Nabe U Don                                     

Various Vegetables and Egg served over Hot Noodle Soup                           

Tempura U Don                                   

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura serve over Hot Noodle Soup

Niku U Don                                         

Thin Sliced Beef, Egg and Vegetable served over Hot Noodle Soup                           

Chichen U Don                                   

Sliced Chicken, Egg and Vegetable serve over Hot Noodle Soup                             

Kake U Don                                         

Fish cake and Vegetable served over Hot Noodle Soup





* Sushi and U Don                                 

Chef Choice Sushi 5pcs and Kake U Don


Inari Sushi and U Don                          

Fried Tofu Skin Sushi 4pcs and Kake U Don      

California Maki and U Don                  

California Maki and Kake U Don                    

Fried RIce and 1/2 U Don                   

Vegetable Fried Rice and 1/2 Kake U Don